Thursday, April 30, 2015

Despite Designers’ Glee, Ben Affleck’s Batman Outfit Is The Worst Ever

I have lived through many of Batman’s incarnations, and I have accepted that the changes in his outfits over the ages are a reflection of the era that Batman is living in at the time.

However, I was shocked by the outfit that Ben Affleck is going to wear for his role as Batman in Batman v Superman. From the neck up the outfit looks good, but from below the neck it is awful. It just clashes with my aesthetic senses.  

During the mid 60s series of Batman Adam West wore the classic two tome blue and yellow signature outfit that appeared a little too stretchy and the outfit reminded me of pajamas. However, Adam West’s costume was acceptable and in keeping with the comic book. 

When Michael Keaton and Christopher Bale wore their latex padded black on black outfit with taller ears and sharper edges everywhere to accent muscles and abs that did not exist, they looked very savage and macho,  and such major changes in their costumes were easily accepted and reflective of the darkest growing within the characters and the city of Gotham. 

Now in the 2016 film of Batman, Ben Affleck is going to wear an outfit that not only looks like dingy potato sacks weaved into pajamas but looks as if it has been weaved together by a bad weaver.   In addition, it looks itchy. Come on! This new look is terrible. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. Surely he can afford a better outfit than his nighties. Grant it, the outfit does look more pliable for fight scenes than the outfits of the past three decades, but must all that stitch work be so prominent.
I am sorry. I strongly dislike the outfit, and I think the people at Marvel could do better. 

What are your thoughts? Should Marvel ditch it and start again? 


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