Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mulan: Revelations #1: The Population Is Dying of T.R.V and You Are The Cure!

Mulan: Revelations #1: The Population Is Dying of T.R.V and You Are The Cure. What Are You Going Do When You Are – the Legendary, Mulan?

Mulan: Revelations #1, A Review

Unbeknown to the people of China and millions of other around the world an alien race has infested populations with the deadly virus T.R.V. (Techno-Rejection-Virus). The disease infects implants patients, and the death toll is mounting.

The alien’s initial plan: Profits.  

However, the disease has now mutated and is crossing species putting even the aliens that created it in mortal danger of dying.

 As this new T.R.V. virus rages through the rich and poor, threatening all of humanity, a warrior is awakened to stop the evil puppeteers behind it all! Centuries after her ancestor and namesake fought for China, a new Mulan has been chosen by the ancient Chinese immortals in a final battle for the world!
Mulan: Revelations #1 is a fast pact, highly entertaining first issue Shanghai Cyberpunk comic book suitable for ages 14+ and is on sale now at Dark horse Comics.

Creator: Robert Alter
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Micah Kaneshiro
Cover Artist: Micah Kaneshiro
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release date: 06/24/2015


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