Monday, August 8, 2016

DC Comics Series Humble Popularity: Would Casting DC Comics TV Series Stars In Their Roles At The Movies Boost TV Viewership?

Stephen Amell
I have been a great fan of The CW from the time they were UPN and The WB before that. I have also been a great fan of DC Comics practically from the time I could read way back in the late 50s (Yes, I was around before man walked on the moon; so don’t bothered counting the decades).  Nevertheless, and to the reason for this post,  off and on during the networks (The CW, NBC, CBS and FOX) deals with DC Comics to air their series,  I have often wondered why the viewership of these series, Smallville, Birds of Prey, Arrow, The Flash Supergirl and DC's Legend of Tomorrow, and many more do not generate more viewers than they do.

Then a possible reason hit me. DC Comics does not make movies using the same actors in the same roles as from in their TV series. 

Yet the Star Trex franchise has proven that such a step could be highly successful. 

Back when Star Trex aired and even after the series ended, each time a movie based on the series was
Melissa Benoist
release, it included one key factor that ensured the success of the films as well as the original series and their spin-offs. Up until the more recent films, that factor was that the producers of the Star Trex series and the films were the original cast from the series.

This casting of the original TV stars in the Star Trex franchise films may have help to endear those series and actors that much more in the minds of the viewers than casting new faces in already familiar roles. Just think. To go to the movies and see your favorite TV series stars on the big screen and then have that star bridge the film almost seamlessly back into the television series was wonderful and ingenious. 

Grant Gustin
To date, and with some success Marvel Comics has done a little of this in the reverse with the characters of Agent Coulson, Agent Carter, and the character of Sif from their roles in Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and the Avengers films to the Marvel's Agents of Shield series.

So why haven't Dc Comics borrowed this idea knowing how successfully it worked for the other franchises?  Has DC Comics entertainment ever thought of it?
Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, Wentworth Miller, Ciara Renée, Dominic Purcell,  Franz Drameh & Victor Garber
I don’t know why DC Comics hadn't taken their TV series stars to the next step and cast them in their roles on the big screen. It seems to me that  such a move would be a logical undertaken for boosting up popularity to their TV series.


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