Monday, August 18, 2014

Which Would Be Best, A Female Thor or More of Lady Sif?

Idealized Female Thor

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif

I understand that Thor is not changing sex and  that a woman supposedly stumbles across his hammer and assumingly is worthy enough to gain Thor's powers.  Great idea from Marvel's perspective However, is a new female Asgardian really needed when there is the Lady Sif. In the eyes of her fans Sif has proven herself more than capable of handling whatever crisis that Thor might happen across in comic books.  In addition, actress Jaimie Alexander brought the character of Sif to life quite well around the world in   2013 sequel Thor: The Dark World, and also  on the TV episode  of "Yes Men" on  Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  earlier this year. What more proof is needed that Sif is a beloved Marvel character by
Sif in Marvel's Uncanny Comics
millions. the 2011 film Thor, again in its

I think that despite her recent media exposure that Marvel's Comics industry is overlooking the great character that Sif actually has grown into internationally. So why not do further developing of her character and see what the fans think. Because as it stands now, there are many fans who hate the idea of a female taking Thor's place. Personally,  I would like to see much more of Sif. However, should  this female Thor  become a reality, hopefully,  we fans can take it for granted that she would have her own name. I, for one, can go with a woman possessing the hammer and powers of the much male Thor, yet the notion of a female with his powers -and his name - does not sit well at all.


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