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New Books for those with Hardcore Horror inclined Minds

Wanna Play A Game? by Dotti Enderle  Avid gamers Nate and Jax are chosen to test a cutting-edge virtual reality game. Even better, if they make it through level 5, they win a free console. Sweet! But Infernal Regions is not your typical game. The stakes are far higher than anticipated. Once inside the realistic game world, the friends face deadly obstacles like quicksand, lava traps, dragons and—gulp!—demons. Game over. Or is it? Something has followed them out—something ancient and sinister. The only way to free themselves of the evil is to face it head on. The cost of failure? Their souls!       Blood Feast of The Ghoul God by Brian G. Berry Encased in stone, the Ghoul God awaits resurrection from its servitors' hands. During a raid on a seemingly innocent abbey, a mercenary team acquires the 'Relic'. Unknown to the team sent to retrieve this object of antiquity, it possesses a latent power of domination over weak and vulnerable minds. Now, on their way back to the US to

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